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With over 10+ combined years of group fitness instruction, nutrition counseling and gym sales and operations, we want to bring the best operational efficiency to Barnyard fitness. We are in this business to improve the quality of life through health and wellness, including onboarding and relationship management/continuity.  From obstacle races to fundraisers, you will see both Barnyard owners staying active in the community!

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Collin has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition. He has been personally training and teaching group instruction for over 12 years. He is a hybrid trainer/athlete who thrives on new challenges and blending various training regimes to enhance his overall fitness and knowledge base. He is a firm believer you can never truly fail at something if you refuse to give up. Success, not just in fitness, comes from effort, persistence and determination. Collin was born in Philadelphia and is an avid sports fan!

Rebecca has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Business and Marketing. She brings over 10 years of personal training and group instruction, including CrossFit, CrossFit kids,  youth baseball training, Silver Sneakers, and more. She is a firm believer hard work will always weigh more than talent. She will learn what your passions are, your strengths and your goals, and she will challenge you every step of the way.  Originally born in Philadelphia, she has a strong passion for sports and literature. 


In a traditional sense, a barnyard is made up of various livestock each with its own purpose and role to play. We created the Barnyard to prove fitness comes in various shapes, sizes and intensities. All of which can work in unison to improve health and wellness - and we're determined to prove it. However one thing stays the same - the day isn't over until the work is done.

  • The chicken may be small, but it can sure run fast. It symbolizes bringing endurance and stamina to the yard.

  • The horse is a force to be reckoned with, tall and strong. It symbolizes functional training as it has thick muscles, a large heart and powerful lungs.

  • The pig may be muddy and stout, but can outsmart and probably out-lift any animal in the yard.  It symbolizes real-world utility and raw strength. 

  • The cow is known for communicating through body language, specifically head, limbs and tail. It symbolizes awareness of the body while moving a maximum amount of weight with efficiency.

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