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Are you looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, train for an event, or just need to get your macros right? Knowing what foods to eat, how much and how often is complicated. Not to mention, the time it takes to do your research, food shop and diet-hop through trial and error. We believe the foods you eat should fuel your lifestyle. While there is no magic diet that works for everyone, we are determined to help you set and maintain your health and wellness goals. 


Let us help you set achievable health goals and provide guidance into how to adopt and maintain better habits. Let us help improve your confidence, build long-lasting health, and help you reach your athletic potential - and we've got the tools to make it even easier.


Now Offering


Body Scan
Scan Report

Now offering the Evolt 360 Body Composition Analyzer. In less than 60 seconds, this powerful tool will provide over 40 accurate measurements about your health and wellness, as unique as you are.

How Does It Work?

This scan works by sending gentle and safe electrical currents through the hands and feet. The resistance to flow of current will determine the difference between fat and muscle mass, water and minerals, etc.


It's as simple as this: BMI is not reliable when it comes to analyzing your body composition. BMI is not able to distinguish between muscle, bone mass, excess fat, overall body composition, race and/or sex. That's why we've switched to Evolt 360 which analyzes  BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis).

Nutrition Integration

Our certified nutritionist can help you interpret your personalized scan and calculate your macros. Setting and preparing for your goals has never been easier, or faster!

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